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Peter bradley complain on phone 0141 208 2256
Thursday, February 08 2018 04:52 PM
Fed up of this number calling 3 times again today
Keith complain on phone 01382 527 617
Tuesday, February 06 2018 07:08 AM
Had a call from 01382 527 617 saying my computer would crash unless they fixed it. Appeared to be an obvious scam
J Lane complain on phone 0131 204 8709
Friday, February 02 2018 05:02 AM
This number is being repeatedly used by scams from various pretend organisations, Microsoft in my case, banks and TPS in others. It needs investigating. Some are early morning calls no doubt to elderly and infirm in some cases.
Albert complain on phone 0131 204 8709
Thursday, February 01 2018 09:36 AM
Indian John saying my IP address was hacked???
Nadia complain on phone 01324 250 719
Thursday, February 01 2018 08:54 AM
I have now had several phone calls from this number and they ask about the accident you have had within the last 2 and a half years and that you have not actually received your claim. I have not had any accident and when I tried to tell them they hung up on me. I rang back and the answer phone stated they were Lambeth Underwriters. Cannot find any details of such company.
Joe Flanagan complain on phone 0131 204 8710
Tuesday, January 30 2018 06:23 AM
This number keeps ringing my land line. When we answer there is a long pause, then a quick garbled female voice, then the call ends. When I try to call back it is either the unobtainable noise or a recorded message saying unobtainable.
Martin complain on phone 01236 735 078
Thursday, January 25 2018 03:19 AM
Foreign caller saying from BT broadband.
David archibald complain on phone 01324 250 719
Wednesday, January 24 2018 01:30 PM
Cold calling about an accident,
j.nester complain on phone 01382 394 146
Tuesday, January 23 2018 05:53 AM
phishing calls about 'your computer is hacked'. Persistent. its a scam.
mrs d buck complain on phone 01738 451 332
Wednesday, January 17 2018 09:45 AM
two landline calls yesterday and FOUR today - when I picked up phone - it went dead

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